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VIDEO ANNOUNCEMENT: Saška Roškar, Institute of Public Health of the Republic of Slovenia


Cover Page

Role of Primary Health Care in Ensuring Access to Medicines

Evanson Z Sambala, Susan Sapsed, Mercy L Mkandawire CMJ 2010; 51: 181-90

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Guest Editorial

Comparative Effectiveness Research: Challenges for Medical Journals

Harold C. Sox, Mark Helfand, Jeremy Grimshaw, Kay Dickersin, the PLoS Medicine Editors, David Tovey, J. André Knottnerus, Peter Tugwell CMJ 2010; 51: 181-4

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Basic Science

Construction and Validation of Attitudes Toward Plagiarism Questionnaire

Martina Mavrinac, Gordana Brumini, Lidija Bilić-Zulle, Mladen Petrovečki CMJ 2010; 51: 195-201

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DNA phenotyping

Population Genetic Analysis of Haplotypes Based on 17 Short Tandem Repeat Loci on Y Chromosome in Population Sample from Eastern Croatia

Branka Gršković, Gordan Mršić, Andro Vrdoljak, Siniša Merkaš, Šimun Anđelinović CMJ 2010; 51: 202-8

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Clinical Science

Patients with Combat-related and War-related Posttraumatic Stress Disorder 10 Years After Diagnosis

Goran Arbanas CMJ 2010; 51: 209-214

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Single Enteral Loading Dose of Phenobarbital for Achieving Its Therapeutic Serum Levels in Neonates

Ali H. Turhan, Aytug Atici, Cetin Okuyaz, Sercan Uysal CMJ 2010; 51: 215-8

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Prospective Study of Prevalence and Risk Factors for Hepatitis C in Pregnant Egyptian Women and Its Transmission to Their Infants

Khaled AbdulQawi, Ahmed Youssef, Mohamed A Metwally, Ibrahim Ragih, Mohamed AbdulHamid, AbdulAziz Shaheen CMJ 2010; 51: 219-28

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Intensity-modulated Radiation Therapy Versus Para-aortic Field Radiotherapy to Treat Para-aortic Lymph Node Metastasis in Cervical Cancer: Prospective Study

Xue-lian Du, Xiu-gui Sheng, Tao Jiang, Hao Yu, Yu-feng Yan, Rong Gao, Chun-hua Lu, Qing-shui Li CMJ 2010; 51: 229-36

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Public Health

Effects of Training Program on Recognition and
Management of Depression and Suicide Risk
Evaluation for Slovenian Primary-care Physicians:
Follow-up Study

Saška Roškar, Anja Podlesek, Maja Zorko, Rok Tavčar, Mojca Zvezdana Dernovšek, Urban Groleger, Milan Mirjanič, Nuša Konec, Evgen Janet, Andrej Marušič CMJ 2010; 51: 237-42

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Accuracy of General Practitioners’ Assessment of
Chest Pain Patients for Coronary Heart Disease in
Primary Care: Cross-sectional Study with Follow-up

Stefan Bösner, Jörg Haasenritter, Maren Abu Hani, Heidi Keller, Andreas C. Sönnichsen, Konstantinos Karatolios, Juergen R. Schaefer, Erika Baum, Norbert Donner- Banzhoff CMJ 2010; 51: 243-9

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Changing Patient Classification System for Hospital
Reimbursement in Romania

Ciprian-Paul Radu, Delia Nona Chiriac, Cristian Vladescu CMJ 2010; 51: 250-8

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Retrospective Analysis of Use and Distribution of
Resources in Otolaryngology Wards in Romanian
Hospitals Between 2003 and 2008 to Improve
Provision and Financial Performance of Healthcare

Marian Stamate, Nona Delia Chiriac CMJ 2010; 51: 259-66

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Random Essay

The US Struggles with Health Care (and Other) Issues

Charles H. Calisher CMJ 2010; 51: 267-70

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My Africa

HIV Prevalence and Associated Behavioral Factors in Lesotho, Kenya, Malawi, and Uganda

Adamson S. Muula CMJ 2010; 51: 271-3

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Patient Voice

Have You Forgotten Hippocrates too?

Vesna Andrijević-Matovac CMJ 2010; 51: 274-7

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Book Review

Feldman J, McPhee D. The science of learning and the art of teaching (paperback).

Vedran Katavić CMJ 2010; 51: 278

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Ivan Krešimir Lukić CMJ 2010; 51: 279-82

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