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Is there Anything Controversial about Calcium Antagonists?

Franz H. Messerli CMJ 1996; 37:

Calcium Antagonists after the Nifedipine Affair

Zvonko Rumboldt CMJ 1996; 37:


Basic Science

Activin Receptor Type IIA and IIB mRNA Expression in Developing Avian Nervous System

CMJ 1996; 37:

New Bone Induction by Bone Matrix and Recombinant Human Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2 in the Mouse

Ana Marušić, Danka Grčević, Vedran Katavić CMJ 1996; 37:

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Germline Transmission in IL-9 Knockout Mice: a Practical Approach to Intrastrain and Interstrain Variability

Anto Bagić CMJ 1996; 37:

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Clinical Science

Pathohistologic Changes of the Femoral Head in Coxarthrosis: a Study of 37 Patients

Branko Dmitrović, Savo Jovanović, Dubravko Orlić, Borna Wertheimer CMJ 1996; 37:

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Role of Talar Concavity in the Development of Ankle Joint Osteoarthrosis after Malleolar Fractures

Antun Rukavina, Ivo Rakuljić CMJ 1996; 37:

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Public Health

New Zealand’s Experience in Health Reform: Relevance for Eastern Europe

Laurence A. Malcolm CMJ 1996; 37:

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Medical Education

On the Advancement of Science in Developing Countries: an Example of Seventy Croatian Young Scientists Educated in Germany and USA

Matko Marušić CMJ 1996; 37:

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Weekly Mini-Examinations (Quizzes) Based on Extended-Matching Questions as a Means for Monitoring Medical Student Performance

Bruce A. Fenderson, James Fishback, Ivan Damjanov CMJ 1996; 37:

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WinHeart® – a Computer Program for Studying the Interpretation of Electrocardiograms and ECG Knowledge Evaluation

Dragutin Novosel CMJ 1996; 37:

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Case Report

Post-Transfusion Purpura: the First Documented Case in Croatia

Jasna Skodlar, Livia Cvrk, Boris Labar, Vesna Kerhin, Stephen Garner CMJ 1996; 37:

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Primary Reconstruction of Face by Delto-Pectoral Flap after Radical Maxillectomy

Zlatko Matulić, Jasna Mlinarić, Mladen Srzentić CMJ 1996; 37:

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