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Health care issues in Croatian elections 2005-2009: series of public opinion surveys

Dagmar Radin, Aleksandar Džakula, Vanesa Benković CMJ 2011; 52: 585-92

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What is constant in a time of change?

Srećko Gajović CMJ 2011; 52: 593

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The impact of sleep deprivation and nighttime light exposure on clock gene expression in humans

Pavel Kavčič, Bojan Rojc, Leja Dolenc-Grošelj, Bruno Claustrat, Kristina Fujs, Mario Poljak CMJ 2011; 52: 594-603

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Adverse drug reactions caused by drug-drug interactions reported to Croatian Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices: a retrospective observational study

Nikica Mirošević Skvrce, Viola Macolić Šarinić, Iva Mucalo, Darko Krnić, Nada Božina, Siniša Tomić CMJ 2011; 52: 604-14

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Ten-year follow-up of thyroid epidemiology in Slovenia after increase in salt iodization

Katja Zaletel, Simona Gaberšček, Edvard Pirnat, Blaž Krhin, Sergej Hojker CMJ 2011; 52: 615-21

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Levels of self-reported depression and anxiety among HIV-positive patients in Albania: a cross-sectional study

Shane D. Morrison, Vilson H. Banushi, Clea Sarnquist, Valbona H. Gashi, Lars Osterberg, Yvonne Maldonado, Arjan Harxhi CMJ 2011; 52: 622-8

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Influence of war on quantitative and qualitative changes in drug-induced mortality in Split- Dalmatia County, Croatia

Ivana Marasović Šušnjara, Marija Definis Gojanović, Davor Vodopija, Vesna Čapkun, Ankica Smoljanović CMJ 2011; 52: 629-36

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Parental perceptions and beliefs about childhood asthma: a cross-sectional study

Rola Zaraket, Mohamad A Al-Tannir, Aref A Bin Abdulhak, Ahmad Shatila, Hani Lababidi CMJ 2011; 52: 637-43

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Rib stress fracture in a male adaptive rower from the arms and shoulders sport class: case report

Tomislav Smoljanović1, Ivan Bojanić1, Courtney L. Pollock2, Radovan Radonić3 CMJ 2011; 52: 644-7

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Bio-objects and their Boundaries: Governing Matters at the Intersection of Society, Politics, and Science

Ingrid Metzler, Andrew Webster CMJ 2011; 52: 648-50

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Nika Matovac, Biljana Andrijašević-Derk CMJ 2011; 52: 651

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Two-, three-, and four-person mixtures in forensic casework: difficulties and questions

Allan Jamieson, Scott Bader, Georgina Meakin, Carrie Mullen CMJ 2011; 52: 653-6

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Plagiarism: word, idea, figure, etc

Viroj Wiwanitkit CMJ 2011; 52: 657

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Ivan Bohaček CMJ 2011; 52: 658-61

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